eMedia Capital Group acquires:

  • Defaulted or Non-performing Assets (1st Notes or Mortgages)
  • Performing Assets (1st Notes or Mortgages) that no longer fit your portfolio
  • Notes on Assets being considered for Short Sale

Our team of highly experienced professionals can quickly evaluate your tape, perform our preliminary evaluation, and submit an LOI within:

  • 3 days – up to $1MM Bundle
  • 5 days – up to $5MM Bundle
  • 10 days – up to $20MM Bundle

We will buy:

  • “One-off” Notes
  • Mini-pools of Notes
  • Pools of Notes

Our primary focus is:

  • Single Family Residence (SFR) Notes
  • Multi-Family Residence (MFR) Notes
  • Condo Notes
  • Apartment Notes
  • Commercial Notes
  • Self-storage Unit Notes
  • Mobile Home Park Notes
  • Condo Conversion Notes
  • Mixed Use (with Residential) Notes


  • Second Position Notes
  • Land Notes
  • Unfinished Project Notes
  • Industrial Property Notes

We usually work with the authorized persons in an institution including:

  • Secondary Marketing Department
  • Special Assets Department
  • Capital Assets Department
  • Credit Risk Department
  • Note Sales
  • Pricing Desk